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Propane Engine Beats Emissions Standards
by 90%

ROUSH CleanTech has developed a propane autogas engine for Class 4 to 7 trucks that is certified to the California Air Resources Board’s optional low NOx emissions standard for heavy-duty engines. The engine is 90% cleaner than the current EPA’s most stringent heavy-duty engine standard.

KOHLER Propane-Powered Mobile Generator 

Kohler innovation drives the development of clean-emissions, fuel-saving portable power plants – used in emergencies or at sites that aren’t connected to the grid – with help from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC).

MQ Whiteman Ride-on Trowels Bring More Power to the Floor

At World of Concrete 2018, MQ Whiteman showcased its ride-on trowels, including the 10-ft.-wide STXDF hydraulic ride-on trowel. It features an 84-hp Ford Power Products dual-fuel (gasoline-LPG) engine that allows the option to switch from gasoline to propane for work in semi-enclosed areas. This capability means concrete finishing contractors have the flexibility to use one machine to work both indoors and outdoors.

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