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Growth in Propane-powered Equipment 

The variety of construction equipment powered by propane might surprise you. Not only is propane often used to fuel jobsite heaters, light towers and portable generators and compressors, it is an option for fueling scissor lifts and boom lifts. It can also be used to power: 

Look around at some of the equipment available with propane power.

Source: Propane Education & Research Council

• dust control and mitigation units in areas without electric utilities

• cutting torches and other equipment used by metal workers

• heating units for asphalt for road building and repair

• all types of concrete equipment including trowels, buggies, saws and finishing equipment

As more and more manufacturers see the advantages of propane, the list of light construction equipment that can be powered by the fuel continues to grow.


Read about some recent additions to the list at

Source: Propane Education & Research Council

Find out which suppliers offer propane-powered options via the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search at

For light-duty models, turn to the Model Year 2019 Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles list (PDF) at

Source: Briggs& Stratton

A Fuel Alternative For Your Trucks

A variety of light-, medium- and heavy-duty propane vehicle models are offered by OEMs and select dealerships. While these vehicles can cost several thousand dollars more than comparable gasoline models, the cost of the fuel itself is typically lower, so the ROI can be quick. In comparison, propane models can cost on par with their diesel counterparts because of the diesel vehicle’s more expensive engine and emissions controls. 

Source: Alliance Autogas

Kits Offer a Chance to Convert

In addition to dedicated propane-powered engines, some manufacturers now offer conversion kits to transition to propane power. For example, in late 2017, Briggs & Stratton announced its Commercial Power engines are available for propane conversion through Propane Power Systems. The EPA-certified conversions allow equipment manufacturers to offer propane to customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of propane-powered equipment.

You can also economically, safely and reliably convert in-use vehicles for propane operation using qualified system retrofitters.


To access a report on important considerations, “pro tips” and best practices for converting vehicles to run on alternative fuels, click here.

Source: Alternative Fuels Data Center, U.S. Department of Energy,

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Source: Propane Education & Research Council


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